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Authors Love Readers: The Podcast

Dec 20, 2018

Host Patricia McLinn offers her readers seasons greetings and wraps up the first year of the Authors Love Readers podcast, talking about the unexpected benefit of providing good advice for aspiring writers and why lining up author interviews is sometimes like herding cats. She also urges readers to send to her questions they'd like her to ask future guest authors, and she looks forward to next year.

And to those new to Patricia's author world, that's her rescue dog Kalli in the Santa hat. If you keep up with Patricia on her twice-monthly readers newsletter or Facebook page, you'll see more photos and news about the charismatic collie, along with book updates and special deals.

In Patricia's words: "I would love to have more reader questions. I am your designated question-asker ... but I want to know what questions you all would like to have answered. Not to mention, you've come up with some fabulous questions. ... It points out the variations among the authors and it shows how individual each of us is." [6:40]

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